Flexible deployment options for fast, secure networking where you need it.

TNSR® software is a high-speed software router delivered as a set of services that run on top of CentOS Linux and x86 processors. It can be deployed on premises or in public / private clouds through the following commercially packaged options:

Deployment Thumbnails - XG-1541 v.2

Netgate Appliance

TNSR software currently factory ships on our SG-5100, XG-1537 and XG-1541 appliances

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Bare Metal Image

TNSR software can be installed on 3rd party hardware. Reference architecture specs available from sales.

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Deployment Thumbnails - KVM v.2


Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM)

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AWS and Azure

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Netgate appliance and public cloud options are fully tested and verified by Netgate.

For bare metal image installs, general system requirements are:

    • 64-bit x86 processor
    • Minimum of 4GB RAM
    • Minimum of two network interface ports, three network interface ports recommended (two for data plane, one for management)

TNSR software will run in most virtual x86 environments, including:

    • VMware - vSphere 6.0 and later, running VMXNET3 virtual network adapters
    • KVM - Kernel Virtual Machine on Linux
    • virtio-net - Paravirtualized network adapter used by other hypervisors such as QEMU and VirtualBox


For more detailed information - including specific processors and NIC drivers for best 3rd party appliance results, consult our documentation here.

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