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Edge / Border / Core Router

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Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

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Mirror Port

Edge routers - the last router or hop of your network - usually connected to your ISP - are evolving from hundreds of Mbps to 1-10 Gbps. Border routers - or area border routers (ABR), which connect the backbone area of OSPF to any non backbone area - are moving up to 100 Gbps. Core routers - designed to operate in the Internet backbone itself - are expected to handle 400 Gbps routinely.

The need for speed has always been there. We can never have enough. But high performance routing - at any level - has traditionally forced buyers into either large capital outlays for ASIC-based appliances, or a large array of less expensive COTS hardware appliances / VMs - with inherent kernel-based packet processing limitations. One is a budget buster, the other is a performance ceiling.

  • TNSR uses Vector Packet Processing (VPP) to crush traditional high-performance routing economics - enabling edge, border and core routing functions to be fulfilled at dramatically lower price points

  • High performance routing - at 1, 10, 40, 100 Gbps, even 400 Gbps - for a fraction of the cost of contemporary alternatives

  • Additionally, TNSR enables flexible management - familiar CLI or Ansible®, SaltStack®, Puppet®, Chef™programmatic configuration and IT automated management via REST API - slashing traditional operating costs and speeding adds, moves and changes

  • Flexible deployment options - bare metal, VM, AWS cloud, Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Flexible licensing - perpetual or subscription

Key Features

Fully-featured secure-networking software stack

Engineered integration of Vector Packet Processing (VPP), Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), Free Range Routing (FRR), strongSwan key management, RESTCONF API, Clixon configuration management.

Requisite routing and security capabilities

IPv4/V6 routing, BGP, OSPF, IP address management, modern AES and legacy 3DES encryption, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 authentication.

Super-scale firewall and VPN capabilities

Hundreds of thousands of firewall ACLs, 10's to 100's of Gbps for tunneling, site-to-site VPN, carrier-grade IPv4/V6 NAT

Performance, resilience, and management access control

High-performance DPDK/VPP based dataplane, ECMP, CPU affinity performance optimization, VRRP high availability, RBAC and NETCONF Access Control Module (NACM).





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Unmatched Price-Performance

Software-based packet processing and h/w acceleration integration turbo-charges performance and delivers real-world IMIX, site-to-site VPN price-performance.

Agile Networking Deployment and Management

Deploy TNSR on our hardware or yours, or in the cloud - fast and easy installation, configuration and operations management via CLI or IT automation options.

No More Vendor Lock-in

Based on open source software - eliminating costly, slow to update, proprietary hardware or management tooling.

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