The Ultimate Packet Processing Solution For Secure Networking

Is your network shackled? Starved for secure bandwidth? Budget constraints have you down? Tired of vendor lock-in? TNSR can set you free.

TNSR: The Solution

Your network is everything. It must be fast and secure. But speed and control come with a price tag. No more. There's a new game in town.

Introducing TNSR.

What is TNSR?


Extreme Speed

TNSR moves the network from a sports car to a rocket ship with secure high-speed routing, firewall, and VPN solutions at 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps, even 1 Tbps - for a fraction of what you'd expect to pay.

rocket v1.3

Orchestration Managed

Drive secure network configuration changes fast and easy with Yang and a RESTful API that tells TNSR exactly what you want it to do to packet flows.

orchestration managed v1.4

Deployment Flexibility

On premises. Cloud. Bare Metal. VM. NFV. TNSR is ready to address your secure networking infrastructure needs wherever and however you need.

open flexibillity

Open Source Freedom

TNSR integrates an array of open source components into an enterprise-ready, scalable, easy to manage packet processing solution. No more vendor lock-in.

Open Source Freedom v1.2
Product Overview


TNSR is fast, flexible, open, and can address many applications. Here are a few...
Insignia - s2s ipsec vpn

Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

A large and growing variety of enterprise and service provider IT workloads are dependent upon high-speed routed IPsec.  But this is difficult to achieve with high performance and low latency - forcing buyers into exorbitantly expensive traditional vendor products based on ASICs or FPGAs. Worse, due to the proprietary nature of underlying hardware and software, buyers are trapped by high-cost vendor lock-in.

TNSR crushes traditional secure routing economics - opening the door for widespread deployment of high-speed routed IPsec. TNSR provides secure high-speed routing solutions at 1, 10, 40, 100 Gbps, and beyond - at a fraction of the price of alternatives.

Insignia - firewall


Zero Trust Networking is gaining in popularity - and it makes sense - Why assume actors, systems or services operating from within the security perimeter should be automatically trusted?  You shouldn't. But that means anything and everything trying to connect to an asset of importance must be allowed or disallowed at a very granular level.  And that requires a large number of easily managed connections and ACLs. This is in TNSR's wheelhouse. Software firewalls can simply scale in ways hardware-based firewalls cannot.

Insignia - vRouter v1.2

Edge / Border / Core Router

TNSR is the first vRouter to fully integrate DPDK, VPP, CLIXON, strongSwan and Free Range Routing into a commercially viable offering. It enables the functions of traditional hardware-based network appliances to be performed in software running on standard Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware. The benefits are compelling: vastly reduced hardware costs, elastic performance scale, and greatly improved hardware interoperability - breaking down powerful vendor lock-in. TNSR’s RESTful API also enables swift and straightforward insertion into existing network management infrastructure - slashing the operational costs of ongoing adds, moves and changes through modern orchestration.

Insignia - cloud port mirror v1.2

Port Mirror

TNSR enables an instant cloud gateway with built-in traffic monitoring. Fully 100% transparent, no agents, and no modifications to user-defined routes.

TNSR can transparently deliver pass-through traffic to 3rd party traffic analysis/inspection tools at rates up to 100 Gbps and beyond - either over GRE (ERSPAN) or VXLAN - depending on cloud service provider preference. TNSR is the high performance, low cost, operationally-efficient alternative to legacy port mirror solutions. 


Application Overview


High Performance. Low Price. Easy to Manage.
If your network could dream, TNSR is what it would dream about.

The freedom you need. The value you crave.

TNSR Value Prop Triangle Re-design



Need more speed? Encryption? More sessions? TNSR lets you easily and affordably scale performance as needs change. 




Organizations change. Business needs evolve. Whether you are transitioning to virtualization or migrating to the cloud, TNSR deploys as you need.




Managing secure networking is complex, and organizations manage differently depending on their needs.

CLI for familiarity. API-based orchestration management for fast, easy, inexpensive scale. 




Easily integrate new secure networking applications - what you need, when and where you need it. No more monolithic, vendor-forced software.






From technical papers to video breakdowns, our resources have everything you need to know about TNSR.

Visit our TNSR documentation to fully configure your TNSR instance(s), from the basics all the way to implementing applications.


WEB Documentation

From zero-to-ping to implementing complex applications. TNSR documentation has you covered for nearly all your operational related questions. Including: installation, configuration, updating, static/dynamic routing, VRRP, ACLs, IPsec, NAT, MAP, DHCP, DNS resolver, NTP, LLDP, BFD, NACM, Monitoring, API, and much more.

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Based on’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP) and Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK), TNSR software can route 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps, a  1Tbps, and beyond on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. TNSR also enables the SG-5100 to be managed by IT automation platforms like Ansible®, SaltStack®, Puppet®, or Chef™ - enabling speed, scale, and low-cost deployment / operation. See the data sheet for a full breakdown.

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WEB Documentation

The TNSR API developer documentation provides in-depth reference information for using the RESTCONF API to implement networking, orchestration, cloud, automation, security functions and many more. Browse the API documentation for how-to information and sample code.

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platform overview

Information owners are under intense pressure to make information highly accessible - but at the same time secure from damage, loss or theft. And this must be accomplished inexpensively.

Old legacy platforms aren't cutting it anymore. Learn how the TNSR platform is leveraging commodity silicon-based hardware to create orders of magnitude improvement in processing speed, connection flexibility, scale, and cost.

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customer applications

Netgate’s TNSR software is demolishing the notion that high-speed packet processing applications require special legacy hardware for performance and scale. TNSR leverages’s Vector Packet Processing and other open source projects, creating commercial solutions that tackle a host of secure networking needs for enterprises and service providers alike. Read about their stories in our customer applications doc.

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TNSR is the world's fastest packet processing solution. We’ve tested it in key application scenarios. View the hard numbers that show how uniquely powerful TNSR really is. 

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TNSR Documentation            Resources Library

Still not convinced? Learn more.

TNSR is the packet processing solution you have been waiting for. Whether you're sending information internally or across the world, you want it getting there fast and secure. TNSR gets your important data there quicker and safer than anything else.
TNSR: The Solution

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