High-performance Software Router

Ideal for edge, campus, and data center connectivity needs

Stellar packet per second and gigabit per second performance for the most demanding secure networking environments




Powerful open source-driven software.

Productized and supported for digital transformation applications.

Insignia - vRouter v1.2

Edge / Access / WAN Router

10, 25, 40, 100 Gbps - and beyond - Network Function Virtualization (NFV) router solutions for edge, campus and data centers at a fraction of the cost of FPGA/ASIC-based products

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L2 / L3 / L4 access controls that scale transparently right alongside high-speed routing

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Insignia - high speed routing over ipsec v1.4

Site-to-Site IPsec

High-speed encrypted traffic connections without the usual cratering of throughput

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Large-scale NAT LSN

Large-scale NAT

Software-scalable IPv4/IPv6 address space management eliminates dependency on expensive TCAM-limited appliance products

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Port Mirror

Port Mirror

Fast, easy, low-cost traffic copies for security analysis or other inspection purposes - on-premises or in the cloud

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Insignia - On ramp to the cloud v1.2

Cloud Connectivity

Data center to cloud, intra-cloud and inter-cloud connections to maximize network throughput with minimal hardware

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Core Features

TNSR® software provides the performance, scalability, manageability, and solution flexibility expected by large enterprises and service providers.


Robust IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols and features

VPN and Tunneling

Comprehensive suite of secure interconnect options for inter-premises and premises to cloud needs


Requisite modern and legacy encryption algorithms for secure information transfers


Router interface access controls and high-scalability network address translation options

Network Services

IP address, domain, and network timing technologies that enable core network infrastructure expansion

High Availability

Modern enterprise-class availability and reliability of routing paths


Legacy and automated interfaces for configuration, fault and security management

Access Control

User authentication, role, group, and privilege management


Flexible deployment options for fast, secure networking where you need it.

Netgate TNSR Appliance

Netgate Appliance

Get TNSR pre-installed and ready for deployment on a Netgate security gateway appliance.

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BMI, KVM, & VMware

Install TNSR software on your own hardware or virtual machine for your application or use-case.

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TNSR software is available on a variety of compute instances to best fit your solution and bandwidth needs.




TNSR software is available on a variety of compute instances to best fit your solution and bandwidth needs.

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What is TNSR?

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TNSR Data Sheet

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