TNSR is highly adaptable and can be used across a wide range of applications. See how some of our customers are harnessing the power of TNSR in their environments.

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TNSR is highly adaptable and can be used across a wide range of applications. See how some of our customers are harnessing the power of TNSR in their environments.
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High Speed Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

A large and growing variety of enterprise and service provider IT workloads are dependent upon high-speed routed IPsec.  But this is difficult to achieve with high performance and low latency - forcing buyers into exorbitantly expensive traditional vendor products based on ASICs or FPGAs. Worse, due to the proprietary nature of underlying hardware and software, buyers are trapped by high-cost vendor lock-in.

TNSR crushes traditional secure routing economics - opening the door for widespread deployment of high-speed routed IPSec. TNSR provides secure high-speed routing solutions at 1, 10, 40, 100 Gbps, and beyond - at a fraction of the price of alternatives.

  • Multi-gigabit encrypted data transfer
  • Supports the highest encryption standards
  • Supports low-cost, off-the-shelf encryption accelerators
  • Flexible deployment models (bare metal, VM, cloud)
  • Multi-instance management


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Edge / Border / Core Router

TNSR is the first vRouter to fully integrate DPDK, VPP, CLIXON, strongSwan and Free Range Routing into a commercially viable offering. It enables the functions of traditional hardware-based network appliances to be performed in software running on standard Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware. The benefits are compelling: vastly reduced hardware costs, elastic performance scale, and greatly improved hardware interoperability - breaking down powerful vendor lock-in. TNSR’s RESTful API also enables swift and straightforward insertion into existing network management infrastructure - slashing the operational costs of ongoing adds, moves and changes through modern orchestration.

  • Core and edge application
  • Terabit bandwidth
  • Edge routing (BGP, ECMP, BFD)
  • Enables IPv4-to-IPv6 bridging for small and large environments
  • API programmability and extensibility


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Port Mirror

TNSR enables an instant on-premise or cloud gateway with built-in traffic monitoring. Fully 100% transparent, no agents, and no modifications to user-defined routes.

TNSR can transparently deliver pass-through traffic to 3rd party traffic analysis/inspection tools at rates up to 100 Gbps and beyond - either over GRE (ERSPAN) or VXLAN - depending on cloud service provider preference. TNSR is the high performance, low cost, operationally-efficient alternative to legacy port mirror solutions. 

  • Transparent to users, applications, and cloud infrastructure
  • Decreases the complexity of traffic inspection in the cloud while increasing security
  • Available via the marketplace on leading cloud platforms


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Zero Trust Networking is gaining in popularity - and it makes sense - Why assume actors, systems or services operating from within the security perimeter should be automatically trusted?  You shouldn't. But that means anything and everything trying to connect to an asset of importance must be allowed or disallowed at a very granular level.  And that requires a large number of easily managed connections and ACLs. This is in TNSR's wheelhouse. Software firewalls can simply scale in ways hardware-based firewalls cannot.

  • L3/L4 ACLs
  • 10s of thousands of ACLs
  • Terabit packet forwarding performance
  • API programmability


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